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Sony NWZ-W263 4GB MP3 Player

The Sony 4GB W Series Walkman MP3 Player offers an innovative all-in-one design for enjoying your music while working out. The cordless headphones house a 4GB MP3 player and come with three different size earbuds for optimum comfort.

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Product Features

  • Unique Cordless Headset Design
  • Holds Up to 4GB of Your Music
  • Water-Resistant with a IPx5 Rating
  • Three-Minute Quick Charge Feature
  • Wire-Free Design Perfect for Workouts
  • Features Sony Clear Audio Technologies
  • Full Charge Provides 8 Hrs of Playback
  • Normal & Shuffle Play Modes
  • ZAPPIN Search Feature
  • Works with Windows XP (SP2), Vista & 7


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