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Chinese Spinal Technique Massage Chair, Black

Panasonic EP-MA10KU massage chair is designed to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout your body to promote good health. Inspired by centuries-old Chinese massage techniques, the EP-MA10 features a revolutionary, cervical spine massage mechanism that allows greater focus on the pressure points in the neck and backthe key to relieving overall stress.

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Product Features:

  • Chinese Spinal Massage Technique-Ancient Chinese massage techniques are built on the premise that the principal cause of neck and shoulder stiffness originates from muscle tension caused by supporting the unstable and heavy head.
  • Compact Design Big Massage Capability-At 144 lbs., the EP-MA10 Massage Chair is relatively lightweight yet sacrifices nothing in the way of a full-featured massage.
  • Neck Massage-The EP-MA10 features multiple neck message techniques including tapping, kneading and shiatsu for alleviating stiffness and tension throughout the entire back.
  • Leg Stretch-Works to alleviate stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. The air system in the ottoman squeezes the lower legs while it lowers and raises in 20° increments.
  • Air Ottoman System-The EP-MA10 features a 14 airbag circulation system for a more complete, contoured lower body massage including:Calves and Feet
  • Stylish, Contemporary Design-Upper head rest is removable to allow for a more vigorous and penetrating neck & shoulder massage.
  • Power Consumption-120 watts
  • Illuminated, Seven-color Remote Control


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