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Duty Free Sales

Today we are offering innovative services to leading airlines, ferry & cruise lines and airport shop operators in Balkans, and Baltic regions. We offer our customers a complete range of services, encompassing strategic purchasing and assortment management, marketing, logistics and distribution, staff training and incentive programs as well as an array of operational and administrative services. Together with our customers, we develop comprehensive service concepts that adapt perfectly to customer-specific requirements. Our significant, collective purchasing power and vast product knowledge enables us to assemble very attractive product offers at highly competitive prices. Logistically, our customers are served from our distribution and warehouse centres, strategically located in Bulgaria to ensure reliable deliveries with short lead times to the entire Balkans /Baltic region.

Sarinas caters to the travel retail industry with a wide range of services that facilitate the administrative and operational processes. Our customers are primarily airlines for inflight service fulfillment, border shops, airport retailers and ferry & cruise lines, but our services also find use in other, adjacent business fields, such as diplomatic & duty free sales.


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