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Sony NTM-910YLW 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor

900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor. 900 Mhz Technology; 27 Channels To Minimize Interference; Water-Resistant Receiver; Built-In Rechargeable Battery Receiver; Voice Activation Mode; 5 Sound-Sensor Activity Lights; Out Of Range Indicator; Ac/Dc Operation; Dc Input; Includes Belt Clip & Ac Adapter

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Overview: Sony's NTM-910 900 MHz BabyCall® Nursery Monitor was designed to offer the clearest connection to your baby. Features include 900 MHz Technology which extends the range of the BabyCall Monitor further than conventional (43-49MHz) monitors, 27 Channels to greatly minimize interference for even clearer communication, a Water Resistant Receiver, a Built-in Rechargeable Battery Receiver which provides savings and convenience over replaceable batteries, and Voice Activation Mode which eliminates extraneous background noise. 5 Sound-SensorTM Activity Lights, an Out of Range Indicator, a Belt Clip, and AC/DC Operation are also featured. Tune in to your baby's needs with the NTM-910.


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