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Yamaha SWKW10BL Wireless Subwoofer Kit (Black)

The SWK-W10 is a wireless subwoofer receiver for use with select Yamaha products. It employs the Yamaha yAired technology to establish a wireless connection with another Yamaha product that supports yAired and enables you to enjoy bass sounds from your subwoofer without running a long subwoofer cable.

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Simple, convenient operation - unlike bluetooth products, no pairing is needed
Wireless operation - Remote control with auto power on and volume control
Enjoy superior sound quality - uncompressed wireless audio transmission (linear PCM)
Real-time communication - Audio and Video synchronization

  • Power Consumption:3 Watts - 1.5 Watts Or Less Without Wireless Connection
  • Transmission Range:Approximately 66' (20 m)
  • Audio Output:Subwoofer: 2 V/120 Hz Or Less
  • AC Outlet:100 W Maximum


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